Primal Fear’s Discography: «Seven Seals»

Mat Sinner is a real big gun of Teutonic heavy metal, so it’s a huge honor to have him in an inependent zine like Stay Heavy. We discussed with him a bunch of Primal Fear’s releases and «Seven Seal» is the first of them. From this album the band started to add symphonical elements to its sound but it was done very accurate so fans welsomed these changes in a very warm way. See what experience and solidness in work can do!

With the sixth album “Seven Seals” the band went off to a journey to some new coasts: a new image of the eagle, symphonic elements in the songs. Did you feel you are getting tired of playing straight forward heavy metal and wanted to extend your sound and image?

We thought it’s time to improve and try out something new. We were ready to present new colors to our sound and after 5 albums we needed new horizons.

The band started collaboration with the producer Charlie Bauerfeind on this album. Did you feel you needed some new and fresh ears? And why especially Charlie?

I’m tired to explain this, but all Primal Fear albums were produced by me. Charlie was the engineer on the album and my partner. Charlie has great skills and it really cool to work with him.

The album was mixed in Canada by Mike Fraser. Was it easy to work with him? Can you recall any technical troubles during recording and mixing process?

Mike is a genius and it was wonderful to work with him. The sound of the album is still perfect. Mike’s vita shows it all. He is one of the best in the entire world!

You mentioned that Vancouver, where “Seven Seals” was mixed, is your favorite city. What made it so special for you?

The vibe in the city is fantastic. The ocean, the sea, the mountains, the people – really nice time and it was a huge pleasure to play last year again in Vancouver. Wonderful city!

Do you remember your main idea behind this album? Did you have a clear vision of the whole product before you went to record it? Would you agree that this album was a bridge from “Devil’s Ground” to “New Religion”?

I see “Seven Seals” as the one special album in our history, it was one of our best and most creative. I don’t see any bridge. “New Religion” would have sounded similar if we could have worked with Mike Fraser again. But he was busy with AC/DC and we wanted to stay in Europe.

Some of the songs were co-written by Tobias Lundgren and Ronny Millanowicz. How did you get to know them? Did this collaboration just happened or were you looking for new partners outside the band?

I know Ronny for years and we wrote some songs together as I co-wrote a song on a Dionysus album. We wrote some songs together and I felt two of them would fit to Seven Seals and give the album something special.

By the way, Ronny was a drummer in Dionysus. Did you consider him as a possible drummer when Randy Black left Primal Fear? Ronny could help you and Magnus with songwriting for example…

Everything happens for a reason and you will hear it more often, that this is going too much into our private part of the story.

You decided to re-record Sinner’s song “A Question for Honor” with Primal Fear. Did you want to hear this song in new orchestral arrangement or did you decide that this song fits to the whole idea of “Seven Seals”? Or was it done by request of anyone else from Primal Fear?

I was sure that Ralf would sing this song really cool. We talked about the possibility to record the song again, Ralf was happy to try it out and it worked out pretty well.

The album was supported by two videos: “Seven Seals” and “Evil Spell”. I believe that in “Seven Seals” you used most recent technologies for that time but what do you think about the video now? Was it easy to convince Ralf to use make up?

No, it was just to support the new sound with a new look, everybody in the band supported the idea. I still think that both videos are still ok for the time we’ve produced them.

How was this album received by fans and press? Wasn’t it offensive for you that you worked hard to deliver something new and interesting and some fans complained about those orchestral elements? Would you agree that people started to get this album only a few years after its release?

Fantastic, for the time of the release we had sensational feedback, chart entries, shows and album sales. I can’t support your view that fans buying now the album b/w I don’t see this on my sales statements!

Imagine you were asked by a label to put out a best of album and you have to pick out only 3 tracks from each album. What track would you choose from “Seven Seals” and why?

“Seven Seals”, “Rollercoaster” and ”Diabolus”, but I have to say “In Memory”, “Evil Spell” and “Demons & Angels” are favorites too.

Thanks to Eugine Silin (Alive Concerts) for making this interview possible.

Primal Fear’s shows in Russia:
16.09.2017 — Saint-Petersburg;
17.09.2017 — Moscow.

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