While counting days before upcoming shows of Primal Fear in Moscow and St. Petersburg we keep on digging in the band’s discography. This time we chatted with ex-Primal Fear’s drummer Klasu Sperling about the album “Black Sun” which was the last one that Kalus did with the band.

Can you recall the atmosphere within the band by the time of recording the “Black Sun” album? I guess it was superb as the band provided four incredible albums in four years!

The atmosphere was really good, “Nuclear Fire” was a big success for the band, we toured nearly all over the world and played on every important festival. We were very motivated, but it wasn´t easy to record such a good album again or to create a better one.

What are your best memories about the recording sessions? Was there anything significant? Did you or some other members have any troubles with the recording of particular tracks?

Puh… Long time ago… The recordings were like always, nothing special…

The album was partly recorded in the States. Did it really help to make the album better in your opinion?

The album was mixed in the States, most of the recordings are done here in Germany in the House of Music studios in Winterbach, we did all recordings for the first 4 albums there (I think they recorded some guitar and vocal parts in the States, I can´t really remember, I wasn´t with them in the States).

Tell us please about the songwriting process for this album. What was your personal contribution to the album?

Everyone in the band was involved in the songwriting process. “Black Sun” was written by me to a large extent.

How do you view this album today? Is there anything you want to change?

I still like this album, but “Nuclear Fire” is my favorite primal fear album. If I had a chance to change something, I would record some drum parts again… And I would change the drum sound.

“Black Sun” is a concept album. Did you like this idea and do you care about lyrical content at all?

I am a drummer… I am not that much interested in lyrics, for me it is much more important to have a good song with cool riffs and a cool vocal line.

As far as I know you weren’t able to be with the band in the States during that infamous “Metal Gods” tour. Why was that?

I wasn’t able to do this tour because of private reasons, so they asked Randy Black, he did a good job – I think.

What was your reason to quit Primal Fear?

The guys in the band wanted to continue with Randy after the U.S. tour, I did some shows with them after the tour, but we quit the relationship after a few months and randy was their new drummer.

In 2009 you played a show with Primal Fear in Moscow. What are your best memories about that show? Did you notice any changes in Moscow and within Russian fans when you came to play with Nitrogods?

That was fun! I was the Sinner’s drummer in that time, Randy wasn´t able to play that show, so Mat ask me if I wanted to do that. We also played with Sinner that evening, so I said yes and it was cool . We had a lot of fun! I also had a lot of fun with Nitrogods in Moscow, the audience was a bit different, because the show we did was in front of bikers, not every biker is a metal head I think , but we had a great time there, and the after show drinks at the hotel bar tasted good.

Imagine you were asked by a label to put out a best of album and you have to pick out only 3 tracks from each album. What tracks would you choose from “Black Sun” and why?

“Armageddon” – it is a really cool metal song with great guitar riffs and a fantastic chorus. “Fear” cause I love thrash metal. And “We Go Down” — for me it’s a typical, traditional metal song to bang your head hard.

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Thanks to Eugine Silin (Alive Concerts) for making this interview possible.